6 Nov 2017

Did you see the first episode of Blue Planet 2?

If not, you missed the amazing story of the Tusk Fish.  This small creature swims across its reef to find a clam and carries it back again to a particular stone that the fish uses to break open the shell.  Undaunted by the difficulty of the task, the Tusk Fish continues to hit the shell against the stone until it breaks open - no mean feat when it has no hands!  The point is that the Tusk Fish does not give up, no matter how hard it is finding the task.

I'm using this tale of inspirational determination to teach the children of 4K the importance of never giving up.  When children diplay tremendous determination in the class e.g. to get to the end of a task, to learn times tables or are prepared to struggle in the pursuit of learning, they will receive a 'Tusk Fish Award for Determination' in the form of one of my home made badges.  

If you see a child with a Tusk Fish badge, you will know that they have tried really hard at school.  

Mr Knight


Posted by Mr Knight