10 Nov 2017

Year 6 Edale residential

From Wednesday 1st November till Friday 3rd November, the Year 6 went on their residential to Edale in the Peak District and the activities in which they partook included: ice-breakers (a variety of team-building activities that also familiarised the children with their leaders); night-hike on the local hills; caving; climbing; weaselling (snaking in and out of rocks on top of hills) and abseiling. Please refer to the following gallery for pictures of the children partaking in each.

The children and adults alike had a super time and what made it particularly exciting was that each of the activities were truly challenging, i.e. they were not at all watered-down but were the real thing! So when we were told that we were going to climb a rock-face or abseil off of a viaduct that is exactly what we did. Engaging in such activities obviously will have had a considerable impact on the self-esteem and general confidence of the children which in turn will instil a greater sense of ‘I can do it!’ - an invaluable skill to develop in any stage of life.

A final note – We are extremely proud of all the Year 6 children. They all pushed themselves and supported each other brilliantly. Well done one and all.

Posted by Mr Ring