23 Apr 2019

On Monday, 8th April, and Tuesday, 9th April, 2019, Westdale Juniors held two Easter School days that saw the Year 6 children embark upon a variety of fun learning activities. Activities ranged from solving maths crime mysteries in which the children needed to solve various problems in order to eliminate suspects until they finally arrived at the culprit, to, undertaking a SPaG treasure hunt that involved the children having to find eight boxes (hidden somewhere in the grounds of the school) that could only be unlocked if they could solve its accompanying problem, and the first team to answer all eight SPaG questions (in each of the boxes) won themselves a chocolate treat.

We were very pleased with the attendance at each Easter School day (more than half of Year 6 attended) and all involved, children and teachers alike, had a lot of fun and lots of extra valuable learning took place.

Easter School

Posted by Mr Ring