12 Mar 2016

Year 5 had a great day at Southwell Minster when we joined with eight other schools for our “Time-travelling” visit.

The day at the minster started with a special assembly when we were able to spend some time looking at the building, sang the Time Travelling song we had been practising and met one of the priests. She brought her dog with her and told us that animals were welcome in the minster and had been for hundreds of years.

The rest of the day was made up with a series of different activities which took place in different parts of the minster and helped us learn about things like the work of the Christian Aid and Fairtrade, about Prayer and Communion, about the windows and the architecture and the about the bishops and the choir. This involved writing, drawing, singing and drama.

We had a picnic lunch in a hall nearby and also had the chance to buy a few things from a little gift shop.

Year 5 at Southwell Minster 2016

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