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Websites to support your learning

Dear Children and Parents,

We have put together a list of websites that you might want to visit if you finish the work that you have been set. If you have any questions, please do get in touch by sending an email.


In Year 3, we are working through different areas of Maths every 2-3 weeks. The 'Year 3' unit of work on the website link is currently 'Unit and Non Unit Fractions'. Something we have been looking at recently in school. The website will upload new lessons every week.

The site has:

  1. A lesson
  2. A worksheet
  3. The answers

If you have any questions about the learning, please get in touch with us.

If you want to revisit any earlier areas of Maths that we have learned about, follow the link below, click on Year 3 and then click on the area of Maths. It includes fluency type questions e.g. 53 + ? = 70 (but no answers to these) and reasoning questions (there are answers to these.)

If you would like an alternative to times table rock stars, try “Hit the Button” on the Topmarks page


If you’ve not found this already, I really recommend tuning into Joe Wicks’ daily workouts for kids (9am every morning), or joining in with one of his pre-recorded workouts for kids.

Joe Wicks YouTube channel

This is a link to his "Kids workouts at home" page.


There are lots of free art resources and activities on this website to explore.

Other curriculum subjects

Try the Topmarks and BBC bitesize websites for exciting learning opportunities in other subjects.

BBC Newsround

It has a mixture of serious and light-hearted current affairs and allows children to develop an understanding of the world around them.

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