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Year 5 - School closure work

Writing- Should children be able to choose their own bedtime?

Using the success criteria from our last unit of work, write a for and against debate answering this question. Consider both the positives and negatives for allowing children to choose their own bedtime and remember to keep your writing informal and impersonal (keep to third person!)

A debate must:

  • be written in third person
  • include a title
  • have an introductory paragraph
  • have a main body- including both for and against points
  • have a conclusion- written in first person and including your opinion


  • model verbs- could, should, will, must
  • fronted adverbials- Firstly, Adding to that, However, On the other hand
  • relative clauses- who, that, which
  • parenthesis- with () , and -
  • coordinating conjunctions- and, but, so, or
  • subordinating conjunctions- because, when although, if, since

Maths- Draw line graphs

Complete the maths worksheet by plotting the information from the tables onto a line graph- remember to use a ruler to join the points up.

Why not log onto TTRS and practice your times tables?

RE- Research someone who has inspired you and achieved their goals and create a poster all about them


  • Who the person is

  • What they have achieved

  • How they have achieved it

  • Did this person plan their lives or were they pre-destined- their destiny was fixed by others or history?

  • How they inspire others

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